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Mountain School, Srinagar


Nestled in the Himalayan region, founded on a vision.

The founders of Rupantaran carry the vision for 12 schools that will be doorways to transforming individual lives and communities in the greater Himalayan region.

Rupantaran in Srinagar was started in the summer of 2014 in collaboration with Mrs Rakhi who had been inspired by the work in Rajpur and wanted to start a similar preschool and ministry in the mountains.



Due to the presence of a government university in the city, Srinagar attracts many college students from the mountains. This led to people of diverse backgrounds settling in this area.


Srinagar also serves as a central location for travelers going further into the mountains. Indeed, by occupying this strategic position, Rupantaran in Srinagar is “the first” for our organisation. It represents our commitment to the transformation and upliftment of local communities and people-groups in the vast Himalaya.


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