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Rupantaran Pre-School


About Rupantaran Pre-School...

Set within a lovely, quiet and leafy space, with the Doon valley in full view and the mountains in the background, Rupantaran Pre-school is headed by loving professionals and practitioners who are child-centered, compassionate and dedicated.

Founded in 2005, Rupantaran Pre-school enrolls approximately 25 children from the local community every year. 

Since its inception, the preschool has sought to provide a more creative environment for early learning, as opposed to rote drills and repetitive activities. It has welcomed educators and consultants from all over the world.

Lessons at Rupantaran Pre-school include: 



Field Trips

Sensory Experiences


Critical Thinking

Block Play


Outdoor Fun

(Sand & Water Play)

Latest School Project: 


Recently, the children and teachers in the Preschool undertook meaningful Projects that included “Our Garden” and “Our Village”.


These projects aim to ensure that our children are able to get an education that equip them with the essential skills needed in today's world:








Day Care Provision For Pre-Schoolers: 


At Rupantaran Pre-School, we offer daily provision of care/education for your child from 12.30pm - 3.30pm each day (Monday - Friday).

Our programme aims to help parents who are working/very busy, and need their child to be in a safe/happy & busy environment of learning & play for longer periods each day.

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