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Shifa Slum School

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The story behind Shifa Slum School.

Situated in a North Indian slum community, Shifa School began as a women and children’s community outreach programme in 2003.


In July 2008, it was later further developed into a school.


The children attending Shifa School are “rag-pickers” - street children who pick and sell scraps from the streets to earn a meagre income. These children live in challenging socio-economic circumstances, caught in a deep and vicious cycle of domestic abuse, dysfunctional families and poverty.


"The Hindi word Shifa means to heal. We aim to provide good education in a safe, secure and supportive environment."

We guide our students by nurturing them with: 





Holistic Development


Through our school's holistic approach, we hope to see a transformed people released from poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, crime, varying types of physical and mental abuse as well as systemic forms of cruelty and injustice.


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