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Women Empowerment

Rupantaran strives to empower the women in our local community by providing them with opportunities to realise their own inherent value as individuals worthy of respect and dignity.


At Rupantaran, we want women to find purpose in life and to rise above the discrimination they unfairly face in society.







Self Defense




Basic Skills Programmes

The organisation runs various programmes at regular intervals to enhance the image that society has of women, and women of themselves and each other.


These programmes include the cultivation of basic skills such as stitching which subsequently allow women to take up meaningful employment and support their families.




Apart from these programmes, Rupantaran also educates mothers on effective parenting. Here, the focus is on improving the health and hygiene of their households as well as the use of nurturing methods of discipline, instead of violence or verbal abuse.



With the support of overseas trainers, Rupantaran has also held self-defense classes and lessons on entrepreneurship.

Empowered with the skills they need to thrive, these women will be able to support themselves, their families and communities.

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